A Little Knowledge of CGL Policies Can Go A Long Way

In a recent article for the Connecticut Law Tribune, SDV’s H. Scott Williams wrote on the importance of attorneys understanding the responsibilities of both insurer and policyholder when it comes to commercial general liability (CGL) insurance…

It’s no secret that insurance companies have tremendous expertise and knowledge when it comes to drafting and interpreting insurance policies. However, insurance carriers frequently rely on policy interpretations that are unsettled or inconsistent with a court’s conclusion in a given jurisdiction.

In some circumstances, a policyholder may be relying on a nonlegal insurance professional, such as an agent or a broker, who may be too quick to accept an insurance carrier’s denial of coverage and conclude that it has no responsibility to defend a suit brought against the policyholder. As a result, a basic understanding of commercial general liability (CGL) insurance will afford a policyholder greater protection, as well as an increased awareness of how to proceed in the event of a loss.

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Dec 09, 2015
H. Scott Williams

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