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Stormy Seas Ahead: 5th Circuit to Review Whether Maritime Law Applies to Offshore Service ContractJul 20, 2017

Earlier this year, the 5th Circuit applied the Davis factors to determine the validity of an indemnity clause in a Master Services Contract.  In Larry Doiron Inc. et al., v. Specialty Rental Tool & Supply LLP et al., the court affirmed the notion that if a contract provides services on navigable waters aboard a vessel, a maritime contract exists, even if the contract calls for incidental or insubstantial work unrelated…

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To Sea or Not to Sea: Fifth Circuit Applies Maritime Law to Offshore Service Contract, Spares Indemnity Provision from Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity ActMar 23, 2017

If a contract provides for the performance of services on an offshore well that are regarded as merely incidental to the use of a vessel, does maritime or state law apply to the contract? The Fifth Circuit was recently faced with this scenario in determining the validity of an indemnity clause contained within a Master Service Agreement for services to be performed on a well offshore of Louisiana. Click here…

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