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Surviving a Tornado – How to Navigate Insurance Claims in the Wake of the Recent Connecticut StormMay 18, 2018

Five minutes after I parked my car, a tree fell on it. On Tuesday, May 15th I pulled into my driveway, in my small Connecticut neighborhood, under a grey sky. As soon as I walked in the house, the lights flickered. And then suddenly there was a loud “Crack!” and “Crash!” and the sound of breaking glass. I looked out the window and trees were bent 90 degrees, then snapping,…

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Like Water For Chocolate: Insurer Prevails Over Chocolatier In Hurricane Sandy ClaimNov 07, 2017

Recently, a New Jersey Magistrate ruled that an insurer did not have to provide coverage for a chocolatier’s property damage and business interruption losses due to Hurricane Sandy. Madeline Chocolate Novelties Inc. (Madeline), a family-owned chocolatier in Queens Rockaway Beach, held a one-year all-risk policy with Great Northern Insurance (Great Northern).  The policy contained a flood exclusion and a windstorm endorsement.  When Hurricane Sandy hit in October 2012, Madeline suffered…

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Property Damage in Texas? File Your Claim Before 9/1Aug 30, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey leaves its destructive mark on Texas, policyholders are left to pick up the pieces. Coincidentally, a new Texas law scheduled to take effect on September 1 could limit your insurance recovery. As a result, policyholders who have suffered property damage in Texas should file a claim with their insurer before September 1, 2017. Texas House Bill 1774 applies to lawsuits arising out of claims for property damage…

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Texas Supreme Court to Determine Scope of Statutory Bad FaithSep 08, 2016

Over the past decade, a barrage of severe storms in Texas resulted in significant property damage, giving rise to thousands of lawsuits by policyholders for breach of contract and bad faith claims against their insurers. Now, the Texas Supreme Court is poised to determine the scope of the state’s bad faith statute. Last week, the Texas Supreme Court agreed to review a case concerning insurance coverage for damage caused by…

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Making an Insured Whole Entails More Than a Patch JobJul 21, 2015

New England is well known for its erratic weather patterns. At its worst, such weather can lead to substantial property damage. When a loss occurs, you expect your insurance to cover the costs of bringing your property back to its pre-loss condition. However, insurance providers tend to disagree. In a recent article for the American Bar Association website, SDV’s Grace V. Hebbel and David G. Jordan write about how some…

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