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Oil and Gas Activities in Mexico Face New Insurance RequirementsSep 08, 2016

Mexico recently issued a new set of minimum insurance requirements for companies engaging in certain oil and natural gas activities including exploration, production, processing, and refining. At a minimum, these companies must procure coverage for civil liability, environmental liability, and well control, where applicable. The guidelines set forth mandatory minimum insured amounts dependent upon the activity, in addition to requiring that the insurance must be issued by insurers qualified in…

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The Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity Act Threatens to Dismantle Risk TransferMar 08, 2016

On February 24, 2016, in a ruling with grave implications to additional insured coverage and the risk transfer process, the Fifth Circuit in Tetra Techs., Inc. v. Cont’l Ins. Co. overturned the Eastern District of Louisiana (see the Fifth Circuit’s opinion here), and broadened the application of the Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity Act to void indemnity and additional insured coverage. Click here to read the entire Case Alert.  

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Is John Oliver Anti-Indemnity?Oct 15, 2015

I love John Oliver. He’s smart, funny, and has an uncanny way of breaking down complicated issues into hilarious bite-sized jokes. But on Sunday night, while tackling North Dakota’s relationship with oil companies, Mr. Oliver included a bit about North Dakota’s lack of an anti-indemnity statute that was slightly off the mark. Mr. Oliver argued that the ability to contract for full indemnity, including indemnity for one’s own negligence, allows…

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Will Builders Risk Get “LEGs”?Jun 17, 2015

Tracy was interviewed for an article in the latest issue of Viewpoint (published by the AAIS) on LEG endorsements as a part of builders risk policies… Perhaps more importantly, knowledgeable brokers and risk managers are becoming aware of the choices provided by LEG endorsements and are asking for them, or something analogous to them. “There is a growing understanding among sophisticated brokers and risk managers of how LEG 2 and LEG 3…

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