In-House Training

The attorneys of SDV are committed to continuously educating themselves and their clients on all the latest developments in insurance law. As part of its commitment to continuing education, SDV offers a series of in-house lectures and presentations on numerous topics of interest to their clients. Below is a sample of some of the existing programs already presented.

SDV can also customize or develop a series of talks on your specific areas of interest and present them either on-site or via webinar. Contact us for more details.

Hot Topics – Construction


  • Discussion of various methods of use in modern construction projects, the positives/negatives of drones functioning as a low cost option to acquire otherwise unavailable information
  • Discussion of the risk exposure, including the FAA’s interpretation of drones/unmanned “Aircraft” Systems and their delayed regulation and formal definition
  • Discussion of insurance available for both the actual use of drones and the information they are being used to gather
  • Aviation policies
  • Drone specific endorsements
  • Stand-alone cyber risk insurance

Design Build & BIM/IPD

  • Construction Project Delivery Methods – how they’ve changed
  • Technology – impact on the construction process and delivery methods
  • Integration of technology and new/growing project delivery methods
  • Design-build defined
  • Risks that differ from other project delivery methods

New ACORD NY Certificate of Insurance Form 855

  • Discuss each category on the new form
    • Includes explanation and discussion of coverage issues behind each question, and actual examples of endorsements referred to by the new form
  • Discuss potential increased liability for downstream party issuing new form and potential adoption of new contract language around this form by upstream parties

Property Damage during Construction – Claims and Coverage

  • An advanced discussion of how coverage works (or doesn’t work) and is impacted by contract language and program design, including the builders risk policy, the GL policy, and the master contract.
  • Builders risk coverage and potential gaps – review actual policy language
  • GL Builders risk exclusions – how they work, are they ever acceptable
  • How contract language fits in
    • How to design a program that works
  • Owner perspectives and GC perspectives

Wrap-Up Coverage for 2014 and Beyond

Discussion of current wrap-up coverage with focus on GL-only, one-off CIPs, E&S market placements, and other trending products. Focus on what makes these products different – good and bad forms, endorsements to watch for, and how to spot potential issues.
Potential benefits including deletion of problem exclusions and state-specific coverage modifiers

  • Potential issues with endorsements including named insured, designated project, repair work, PCO extension
  • Potential problem endorsements including builders risk exclusion, subcontractor warranty, insured versus insured exclusion
  • Discuss current thought in who gets enrolled, site description, coverage for return to the site, and close-out timing.

Risk Management Strategies for Apartment to Condo Conversion

  • What liabilities do parties including the original apartment developer, the apartment builder, the buyer/converter, the condo renovation contractor face when an apartment is converted to a condo.
  • How will their insurance respond?
  • What can these parties do to protect themselves from a liability that they cannot control and are not insured for?
  • What solutions lie in contract language, deed restrictions, land covenants, and insurance products?

Indemnity, Additional Insured and the BP Oil Spill

  • Discussion of parties, facts, policies and decisions
  • How different policy and contract language can change the result
  • The take-away: solutions and strategies

Hot Topics – All Industries

Challenges and Solutions for International Contracts

  • An overview of issues impacting the success or failure of international contracts including language, legal systems, unique and different risks, and liability standards
  • Analysis and discussion of Indemnity and Insurance in international deals
  • How other countries and foreign insurance markets view risk and write policies

Cyber Risk/Data Breach Liability

  • Liability scenarios
  • Coverage potentially available under traditional insurance lines
  • Cyber coverage products and what to look for in those products
  • Past/present/future
  • Understanding the exposure, knowing the coverage and limiting the risk

TRIA/Terrorism/War & Political Risk Insurance

  • Overview of TRIA
  • The 2015 statutory renewal
  • Discussion of domestic and foreign political and war risk insurance

2013 ISO Form Changes and Impact on Risk Transfer

  • Explanation of changes (good and bad)
  • Impact on risk management practice
  • Solutions for dealing with negative changes
  • Discuss most significant changes – what they are and what they mean and suggested contract language to address same

The Current State of Additional Insured Coverage

  • Overview of history, evolution of forms, explaining differences in forms
  • What problems exist in the marketplace
  • Real life claim scenarios
  • Current market reality for downstream parties
  • What is a reasonable risk in 2015?
  • Contract modifications and other solutions

Current Issues in Contractual Risk Transfer

  • Hands on look at contract language, what it means, what happens if you change it
  • Strategies for negotiation – (walk through of key indemnity and insurance procurement contract terms – geared toward contract procurement/negotiators)

Coordinating Your Insurance Programs

  • Avoiding gaps between lines
  • Real life scenarios with gaps and traps
  • Coordinating excess coverage including damage over time losses

Top 5 Risk Transfer Issues – In depth discussion, challenges and solutions

  • Horizontal exhaustion
  • Poor AI coverage
  • Anti-indemnity statutes

Other Recent Topics

  • Landlord-Tenant Risk Transfer Issues, including tenant renovation risk
  • Natural Disaster/Commercial Property Loss Coverage (Builders Risk or CP)
  • Business Interruption Coverage/Project Delay Coverage