Insurance Brokerage Support

SDV’s broker support practice is one of our most novel and exciting practice areas. For our broker partners, having an SDV attorney just a phone call away to help answer challenging legal questions means increased client satisfaction, reduced E&O exposure, and the peace of mind that comes with both. Some examples of our collaboration include:

  • Reviewing new policy forms and endorsements for potential issues
  • Educating and advising on how changes in the law, and state-to-state variations in the law, impact coverage
  • Improving contractual risk transfer and insurance language
  • Advising on risk transfer options and strategies for claims
  • Analyzing insurer disclaimer and ROR letters and drafting responses
  • Sharing lessons learned through litigating insurance disputes on a national basis

We work with our broker partners at all stages of the broker-client relationship from policy negotiation to claim resolution. We teach, but we also learn; through our collaboration we gain valuable insights which have made SDV into a true center of excellence in the insurance world.