“The Hidden Traps of Wraps”: SDV Partner Theresa A. Guertin Presents at ABA Annual Seminar

Earlier this month, SDV partner Theresa A. Guertin attended the American Bar Association Section of Litigation, Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee annual seminar in Tucson, Arizona.  The seminar draws policyholder and insurer counsel from across the country in a three-day event.

At the conference, Theresa presented a roundtable on “The Hidden Traps of Wraps,” which focused on the complex issues that arise on projects insured with wrap-up insurance programs.

“The discussion was very productive and interesting,” said Theresa.  “It was interesting to hear that, although wrap-up programs are becoming more and more widespread throughout the country, many attorneys have only encountered litigation involving wraps on a small handful of occasions.  The issues they have handled, though, have been significant – showing that when things go wrong with wraps, they go very, very wrong.”

While at the conference, Theresa attended numerous presentations concerning topics of interest to SDV’s construction industry clients.  Topics included addressing complex coverage issues before, during and after mediations, as well as how insureds can work with their brokers and attorneys to present complex property losses to their insurers.



Mar 16, 2017
Theresa A. Guertin

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