Media Update: Cyber Risk Coverage

SDV’s own Gregory Podolak is well known in the cyber risk world. He’s been quoted recently in two articles about the topic.

In Business Insurance, he was quoted in the article Cyber Ruling Opens Door to CGL Claims about a recent decision that allowed policyholders to obtain coverage for data breach events under a CGL Policy. The article maintains that, while this was a win for that particular policyholder, the window is closing for others, as many new CGL policies are written with specific exclusions for data breaches.

Gregory D. Podolak, an attorney at Saxe Doernberger & Vita P.C. in Trumbull, Connecticut, said the case’s key takeaway is that “most companies should be looking into stand-alone cyber insurance if they haven’t gotten that already.”

Greg was also quoted on LAW360’s recent article 4 Tips For Law Firms To Maximize Cyber Coverage which looked on the challenges law firms themselves face when protecting client data.

Firms should also make sure that a cyber policy includes coverage for the costs of responding to investigations by both U.S. and foreign regulators, along with any potential regulatory penalties, experts say.

 “For the better products, the coverage territory is worldwide, and there is not much of a distinction about the regulatory scheme that is the impetus for the loss,” said Greg Podolak, leader of Saxe Doernberger & Vita PC’s cyber risk practice.

If you have questions or concerns about how well your company is covered in case of a cyber-attack, Greg and the rest of SDV’s Cyber Team would love to talk with you. You can contact Greg directly at



May 11, 2016
Gregory D. Podolak

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