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SDV Goes Global With the Launch of Our First Multinational Survey

In addition to opening offices in Florida and California, SDV continues to expand to new markets in order to reach more policyholders. The International Practice Group assists both U.S.-based clients and companies based in other countries to assess and manage insurance risks. In the United States, the group’s focus is on advising U.S.-based companies who have operations overseas, have experienced a loss in another country, or have multinational insurance programs involving policies issued in other countries governed by non-U.S. laws. In addition, the Group can provide invaluable advice to non-U.S. based businesses who have (or are considering launching) business operations in the United States. As Jeremiah Welch, partner in charge of the International Practice Group, says, “many businesses in the United States have foreign parent companies. Several of our largest clients have a parent in one of the European countries. This corporate structure presents a complex set of issues when it comes to global insurance programs: often there is a master policy issued in the parent’s home country, with a separate policy governing operations in the United States. It is vitally important to ensure that the two policies interact properly, and that the business understands how the two sets of laws (U.S. and the European law) impact coverage under the insurance program. SDV knows the issues well, and can help to prevent costly coverage mistakes before they occur.”

SDV regularly showcases its experience in different areas of insurance law through its library of 50-state surveys. The newest addition to the arsenal of SDV surveys, “International Construction Endeavors: The Risks Associated with Multinational Insurance,” is the first such survey to highlight international content. It provides an overview of rules for admitted and non-admitted insurance in EU countries, as well as for the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It also contains comprehensive information on country-specific rules for insuring Public-Private Partnership projects (commonly referred to as “P3s”) in these countries. “We are very excited about this survey,” says Attorney Stella Szantova-Giordano. “We believe it’s a first of its kind in providing such a volume of valuable information for multinational construction companies in one convenient place. In our research, we have not seen a publication this comprehensive anywhere else — whether in the United States or abroad.”

The International Practice Group plans to expand the survey to include other regions — Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East — in the near future.  You can access the survey here.