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Deleted Emails Cost Company $3M in SanctionsJan 06, 2017

What happens when a senior vice president ignores a litigation hold and deletes tens of thousands of emails? A $3 million sanction. Click here to read our newest case alert and find out how the Federal District Court of the District of Delaware came to their decision. This case is a reminder that counsel needs to advise corporate clients of the importance of document retention policies and procedures.  

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Defective Construction may not be an “Occurrence” in DelawareApr 02, 2015

A recent Delaware Superior Court decision held that defective construction does not constitute an “occurrence” for purposes of commercial general liability coverage. Although the Delaware Supreme Court has not yet addressed this issue, this decision continues a trend of finding that faulty workmanship does not constitute an accidental occurrence in Delaware lower and federal courts. In comparison, many other states have held that defective construction does constitute an “occurrence,” making…

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