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New Case Alert: Maryland Appellate Court Broadly Interprets Critical Additional Insured LanguageNov 16, 2015

An intermediate appeals court in Maryland recently joined the ranks of other jurisdictions in finding broad coverage available for additional insureds under standard policy language. This case is important: not only is it the first time a Maryland court has interpreted the 2004 version of the additional insured endorsement, but the holding also continues a trend of courts against limiting the endorsement’s “caused, in whole or in part” language to…

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Fourth Circuit Uses Extrinsic Evidence to Expand CoverageJun 15, 2015

The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently reminded policyholders of two important lessons regarding additional insured coverage: First, where the endorsement provides coverage for the additional insured “but only with respect to liability for …’property damage’…caused in whole or in part by…the [Named Insured’s] acts or omissions,  or the acts or omissions of those acting on the [Named Insured’s] behalf,” the coverage afforded is not limited to…

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