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Minnesota District Court Broadly Interprets Pollution ExclusionOct 25, 2016

The Minnesota Federal District Court recently decided against coverage for the release of carbon monoxide from a boat’s engine compartment due to a general liability policy’s pollution exclusion. This case and others demonstrate the need for policyholders to closely examine their insurance programs to ensure they fill all of the coverage gaps created by the pollution exclusion in their general liability policy. For more information about how each jurisdiction approaches…

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Making an Insured Whole Entails More Than a Patch JobJul 21, 2015

New England is well known for its erratic weather patterns. At its worst, such weather can lead to substantial property damage. When a loss occurs, you expect your insurance to cover the costs of bringing your property back to its pre-loss condition. However, insurance providers tend to disagree. In a recent article for the American Bar Association website, SDV’s Grace V. Hebbel and David G. Jordan write about how some…

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