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Connecticut Supreme Court Grants Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy Protection to Contractor Providing CCIPJul 29, 2016

Last week, we discussed how Utah Applies Workers Compensation Exclusive Remedy Protection to Wrap-Up General Contractors. This week, Connecticut did the same. On Wednesday, the Connecticut Supreme Court affirmatively extended the exclusive remedy protection to a contractor who procured workers’ compensation benefits through a CCIP. The ruling, in Elvira R. Gonzalez et al. v. O and G Industries, Inc., et al., held that a general contractor had “paid compensation benefits,”…

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Utah Applies Workers Compensation Exclusive Remedy Protection to Wrap-Up General ContractorsJul 19, 2016

Workers’ Compensation is considered a quid pro quo between employer and employee. The worker enjoys compensation benefits for work related injuries (regardless of who is at fault for such injuries) in exchange for surrendering the right to sue the employer for damages (with certain exceptions). This limitation is known as the “exclusive remedy” rule. Traditionally the rule pertained to employees and their direct employers and/or to “principal employers” that paid…

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The Workers’ Compensation Immunity State by State Survey Is Now AvailableSep 01, 2015

As part of SDV’s highly popular State by State Survey series, we are proud to announce the release of our greatly anticipated survey on Workers’ Compensation Immunity. This comprehensive survey examines several key issues relating to the scope and extent of workers’ compensation requirements and immunity across all 50 states. We discuss, among other topics, exclusive remedy protections and the application of such protections in the Consolidated Insurance Program (a.k.a…

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